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✍️ Introduction

The “Autoscuola Pegli,” located in the lively neighborhood of Genova Pegli, is a well-established institution offering driving courses for all license categories. Founded with a passion for road education and the desire to train responsible and prepared drivers, Autoscuola Pegli has distinguished itself for its personalized approach and dedication to road safety.

⚠️ Problem

Despite its success and established reputation, Autoscuola Pegli found itself facing the challenge of maintaining its relevance in an increasingly digitalized market. The growing competition and evolving customer expectations, especially among young people, made it imperative for the driving school to update its marketing strategy and strengthen its online presence.

✅ Solution

To address these challenges, Autoscuola Pegli embarked on a digital renewal journey that included:

Development of a New Website: Creation of a modern and responsive website, providing easy access to information about courses, rates, and registration methods.

Social Media Marketing: Launch of an active presence on social media, with a particular focus on Instagram and Facebook, to promote the services offered and directly engage with the local community and potential students.

Content Marketing Strategies: Creation of video content and blog articles focusing on road safety, tips for new drivers, and student success stories, positioning themselves as a reference point in the industry.

Online Advertising Campaigns: Implementation of targeted advertising campaigns, leveraging demographic data and specific interests of the target audience, to increase enrollments.

🏆 Results

These initiatives have led to:

Increased Enrollments: A significant increase in course enrollments, thanks to the enhanced visibility and engagement generated by the new marketing strategies.

Higher Engagement on Social Media: Exponential growth of followers on social channels, with an increase in interaction and engagement from the community.

Brand Recognition: Autoscuola Pegli has become a point of reference in the Genova area, not only for the quality of its courses but also for its commitment to promoting road safety.

Positive Feedback: Reception of extremely positive feedback both online and offline, with improved customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

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