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✍️ Introduction

Before implementing an updated digital strategy, Grasshopper Language School in Rapallo primarily relied on word-of-mouth and traditional signage for promoting its language courses. The existing website was outdated and not updated, which significantly limited its ability to attract new students in an increasingly digital era.

⚠️ Problem

Despite its solid reputation and the high quality of the courses offered, Grasshopper Language School recognized the need to modernize its marketing strategy to increase online visibility and reach a wider audience of potential students, both local and foreign, interested in Italian citizenship.

✅ Solution

The strategy adopted by the school included two main components:

Development of a New Website: The school invested in creating a modern, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate website. The site includes sections dedicated to the various courses offered and specific information for foreigners interested in Italian citizenship, thus improving the accessibility and attractiveness of the school’s offerings.

Advertising Campaigns on Social Media: Concurrently, the school launched targeted advertising campaigns on social media, focused on promoting language courses and showcasing the opportunities offered. The ads were specifically directed at people interested in learning English and other foreign languages, leveraging social platforms to reach a broader audience.

🏆 Results

The adoption of this digital strategy produced remarkable results:

Increase in Enrollments: The school recorded a significant increase in enrollments, both for summer and winter courses, compared to the previous year. This demonstrates the effectiveness of a strong online presence and a well-planned marketing campaign.

Greater Visibility: The new website and social media campaigns have significantly increased the school’s online visibility, attracting the attention of a larger number of potential students both locally and internationally.

Strengthening of the Brand: The strategy also helped to strengthen the brand image of Grasshopper Language School, positioning it as a cutting-edge language school that is attentive to the needs of its students.

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