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Maweb+ is a dynamic digital marketing agency based in Sori, near Genoa and Oxford, United Kingdom. Our team consists of young, passionate professionals specialized in the world of the web and online marketing.

Each member of our team is dedicated to a specific role, working in synergy to amplify and best enhance the activity of each client, covering every aspect of digital marketing.


''Hey, I saw you in the Ad!''

“Hey, I saw you in the ad!” will be the phrase of the day, every day.

We’ll transform you into an advertising celebrity, making you so recognizable that people will start quoting your ads as if they were the latest summer hits.

Social Media

Likes or clients?

Imagine a world where every post you make on social media becomes so popular that even your competitors start liking it.

Just one warning: you might start receiving more notifications than your smartphone can handle. 🌟📱

Brand Identity

Your brand will become so distinctive and beloved that people will start thinking of your logo even before their morning coffee. We will work together to build a brand identity that speaks directly to the hearts of your customers, making them feel part of an exclusive community.


Free yourself from the slavery of repetitive and boring tasks. With our automation solutions, every aspect of your business will work like a Swiss watch, allowing you to focus on what really matters: the growth of your enterprise (and perhaps even a bit of well-deserved rest).


You will finally have your www.

We will transform your online presence into a digital showcase so captivating that visitors will wonder if they’ve entered an exclusive art gallery instead of a website.

Your site will not only be beautiful to look at but also intuitive to navigate, so that even your grandmother can make purchases without calling you for help. 👵💻


...Ti ho visto dalla pubblicità

“Ehi, ti ho visto sulla pubblicità!” sarà la frase del giorno, ogni giorno.

Ti trasformeremo in una celebrità dell’advertising, rendendoti così riconoscibile che le persone inizieranno a citare le tue pubblicità come se fossero le ultime hit estive.

Social Media

Tanti like o clienti?

Immagina un mondo in cui ogni tuo post su social media diventa così popolare che persino i tuoi competitors ti mettono like. 

Solo un avvertimento: potresti iniziare a ricevere più notifiche di quante ne possa gestire il tuo smartphone. 🌟📱

Siti Web

Avrai finalmente il tuo www.

Trasformeremo la tua presenza online in una vetrina digitale così affascinante che i visitatori si chiederanno se sono entrati in un’esclusiva galleria d’arte invece che in un sito web.

Il tuo sito non sarà solo bello da vedere ma anche intuitivo da navigare, così che anche la tua nonna potrà fare acquisti senza chiamarti per chiedere aiuto. 👵💻

Brand Identity

Stile Unico, Riconoscimento Infinito

Il tuo brand diventerà così distintivo e amato che le persone inizieranno a pensare al tuo logo prima ancora del loro caffè mattutino. Lavoreremo insieme per costruire un’identità di marca che parli direttamente al cuore dei tuoi clienti, facendoli sentire parte di una comunità esclusiva.


Rivoluziona il Tuo Tempo: Automa, Cresci, Riposa"

Libera te stesso dalla schiavitù delle attività ripetitive e noiose. Con le nostre soluzioni di automazione, ogni aspetto del tuo business lavorerà come un orologio svizzero, permettendoti di concentrarti su ciò che veramente conta: la crescita della tua impresa (e forse anche un po’ di meritato riposo).

Our Strengths

What makes us unique?


Personalised solutions

Every marketing strategy we develop is tailored to the specific needs of your business, ensuring an approach that aligns perfectly with your goals.


Innovation and creativity

We are constantly updated on the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing, offering innovative and creative solutions to make your brand stand out in the market.


Measurement and Analysis of Results

We use cutting-edge tools to monitor and analyze the results of campaigns, ensuring that the strategies are effective and making timely adjustments to maximize ROI.


Long term partnerships

We are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, working as an extension of your team to support the continuous growth and success of your business.


Agility and Adaptability

Our youthfulness grants us a unique agility in quickly grasping new trends and reacting swiftly to market changes, ensuring our clients always have cutting-edge strategies and timely implementations.


Customer care

We offer excellent and always available customer service on WhatsApp, with a dedicated team working alongside you to ensure the best experience and optimal results.

Who has already achieved results with us

Your success is our Success Goal Mission

Our primary goal is to effectively develop or optimize your customer acquisition system.

We engage in a collaborative relationship based on the win-win principle: we dedicate ourselves to projects only when we are confident that we can deliver results that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Always Demonstrable Results

We give that extra boost to your Company

+ 0

We have created customized digital marketing strategies for over 50 clients who wanted to grow their revenue through online channels and improve their digital presence.

+ 0

We have developed more than 40 customized websites that fully reflect our clients’ needs and feature excellent usability and modern design.

+ 0 k

Over €300,000 in advertising budget managed for our clients, investing with precision to maximize return and grow their businesses.

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People, as well as Professionals

Matteo Nania

Founder & Marketing Specialist

Alberto Nania

Social Media Manager

Elena Slavazza

Web Designer & WordPress Developer

Creatives for Social Media

Take a look to our lovely creations

What we are proud of

Some of our best projects and case studies:
Real Estate Agencies Driving Schools Sports Societies Freelancers

Our case studies are like secret recipes for success in the digital marketing world, seasoned with a pinch of Maweb+ magic. Read how we mixed unique ingredients for each brand, cooking up irresistible strategies that led to results as delicious as they are tangible and verifiable.

Each story is a culinary adventure where ambitious goals transform into verifiable successes, served on a golden plate of lasting partnerships.


La Svolta Driving School, located in the small town of Sirignano (AV), was inaugurated during the pandemic by Ciro and his partner Gennaro…

Autoscuola Pegli 🚘

The “Autoscuola Pegli,” located in the lively neighborhood of Genova Pegli, is a well-established institution offering driving courses for all license categories…

Autoscuola Scoppio 🚘

Autoscuola Scoppio  is a driving school based in Giovinazzo that offers driving courses for beginners and higher category licenses. Like many other driving schools…

Stay Tuned 😉

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Tell us about your project

You will be contacted by our team within 2 hours and 45 minutes. Want to bet? ⏰

Web marketing agency in Sori and Oxford made up of young professionals with a great passion for the digital marketing.
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