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✍️ Introduction

Rari Nantes Sori is an Amateur Sports Association founded in 1956 in Sori (Genoa), with the aim of promoting swimming and water polo in Liguria. The club is distinguished by its two swimming facilities, considered among the most beautiful in Italy. The mission includes supporting and developing youth, contributing to the passion for clean sports, and collaborating with the local area. Rari Nantes Sori stands out with over 100 members between the first team, which plays in Serie A2, and the youth teams; while the Sori Pool Beach, the women’s section, has more than 60 athletes. Additionally, the RN Sori UISP, dedicated to masters, has 25 members, further contributing to the rich and varied sporting community of the club.

⚠️ Problem

Rari Nantes Sori faced a dual challenge: on one hand, the need to increase visibility and engagement with fans and both the local and broader community; on the other hand, the urgency to generate new business opportunities and attract sponsorships. Furthermore, it was essential to modernize communication to reach a younger and more digitally active audience.

✅ Solution

To address these challenges, several strategic initiatives were undertaken:

Content Creation for Sporting Performances: Development of content aimed at highlighting the team’s performances, using social platforms for greater dissemination and engagement.

Website: A complete overhaul of the website to offer a better user experience, facilitate access to information, and improve online visibility.

Sponsorship Search: Implementation of a targeted strategy to attract new sponsors, leveraging the society’s image and the visibility opportunities it offers.

Video Editing: Creation of dynamic and engaging videos to promote events, matches, and athletes, amplifying the message through digital channels.

Copywriting for Press Articles: Production of high-quality editorial content for the press and other media, aimed at telling the story, successes, and events of the society, thus increasing interest and media coverage.

🏆 Results

Thanks to these initiatives, Rari Nantes Sori achieved significant results:

Increased Visibility and Engagement: The online presence of the society has grown exponentially, resulting in greater engagement from fans and the community.

Attraction of New Sponsors: The sponsorship search strategy led to the signing of significant commercial agreements, providing essential resources for the support of sports activities and further development of the society.

Doubling of Social Media Followers: Thanks to digital marketing strategies and the production of high-quality content, Rari Nantes Sori doubled its social media followers in just 9 months. This remarkable increase in online presence not only amplified the society’s visibility but also attracted the attention of a wider audience interested in sports activities and events organized by the society, significantly contributing to the growth of its online community.

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